Saturday afternoon’s match in Market’s field kicks off at 5 pm. Coverage on LOITV

In regard to last week’s game, what was the dressing room like afterwards and were the girls disappointed with how the game played out?

Yeah they were, they were very disappointed. We felt that we probably did enough overall to get something out of the game after how it started; allowing Athlone to have the first 25 minutes or so, but then once we got playing I thought we were good but we just couldn’t get that equaliser. It looked like one of those things that we just ran out of time for but at least the positives of it were that it was a good second-half performance and when we’re at it and on the front foot, playing our football, 1-2 touch, that we caused trouble for the top side in the league at this moment in time.

We’ll be looking to get back to winning ways this week as we travel to Limerick to take on Treaty United. What are you expecting from this game?

We’ve played them twice already and had two draws, and it’s not as if in either one of the games there’s been a standout performance. Treaty are a very, very, very hard-working and tough side. They make it extremely difficult for you; they squeeze up high, they like to press high to make it difficult to get any kind of passing pattern into play, and they’re going to fight tooth and nail from the start to the finish, so I’m expecting a really tough game.

The last time we faced Treaty in the league was a 2-2 draw at the start of the season when we were still finding our rhythm. Do you think that this time due to recent good results and performances we can be more clinical and get those 3 points?

Well, I hope so. That is the plan but it’s one of those things where you have to give Treaty credit where it’s due because they are a very, very good side. They make it extremely difficult for teams to play against them. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to play some of our passing patterns, but as usual, it always does come down to us and what kind of Shamrock Rovers turns up on the day; is it going to be the Shamrock Rovers from the first 30 minutes against Athlone or is it going to be the Shamrock Rovers from the second half when we’re playing on the front foot and doing things an awful lot quicker. Hopefully, it’s the latter and if we do that I think we’ll be ok.

Someone who scored in that game was Áine O’Gorman, who has also scored in each of our last 3 league games. She’s a player in goalscoring form so are you hoping that that can continue?

Yeah absolutely. I think Áine is one of those players that just never ever gets the credit that she deserves. I think she has 4 goals in the month of June and 3 assists, she covers a serious amount of ground during the games that we can see with her GPS stats and for some reason, she never gets that recognition. She is vital to how we play. I’ve always said she’s one of the top pros around and one of the main reasons for any kind of success we have is always players like Áine in the side. 

Treaty also have a goalscorer on their hands in Katie Lawlee who has scored 4 league goals so far this season. Do you think she will be their biggest threat this weekend?

Yeah, they’ve also made a new signing in Danielle Steer who breaks records everywhere she goes, so they signed her from Fenerbahçe. She’s going to be another good addition to their forward line so it will be interesting to see if she starts, or if Katie starts. Katie is one of those hard-working players that is very good with her back to the ball. She’s composed to be able to build up possession when playing out from the back, she works really, really hard in trying to close things down so it’s going to be a tough game and we know that. We know all their strengths, we know our strengths and we just hope that on the day we can play to our strengths. 

Are there any injury worries heading into the game?

Thankfully no, at this moment in time no major injury worries or concerns so it looks to be a full bill of health heading into it which is a positive.