SRFC Ticketing

What’s new?
Shamrock Rovers introduces ‘SRFC Tickets’, a mobile app designed for fans to conveniently store and access their tickets on their smartphones. Extended menu included to access the shop, buy tickets and membership.

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Why the addition of SRFC Tickets Mobile App?
The addition of ‘SRFC Tickets’ offers several advantages. It enhances efficiency for both supporters and stewards, reducing queuing times while providing a secure and contactless entry into the stadium.

How do I access my Season Tickets and Match Tickets?
After accessing the app, select “Forgot Credentials” and use the email address that you used to purchase your Season Tickets and Match Tickets. Once you have logged in, your season tickets and match tickets will be readily available.

Fastest way to access Tickets on matchday?
Easily add the app to your phone’s home screen for quick access. Instructions for both iPhone and Android are here.

Are physical tickets still available?

I created an account but can’t see my tickets?
Ensure that you’ve used the same email address used for purchasing your Season Tickets and Match Tickets. If issues persist, please contact

Please email same as above for your feedback, it is always appreciated.

Step 1
Using your internet browser, Chrome (for Android devices) or Safari (for iPhones), access the app here:

Step 2
Tap ‘Forgot Credentials’



Step 3
Enter your email you have bought your season tickets and match day tickets on. Tap ‘Send Instructions’



Step 4
Follow the instructions sent to your email to create or reset your password.


Tap ‘Reset your password’.


Step 5

Enter your new password in the ‘Password’ and ‘Confirm Password’ fields.


Tap ‘Reset Password’.


Step 6:

Tap ‘Login’



Step 7

Enter your email and new password. Tap ‘Login’



Congratulations, you have setup your login. Once logged in you should see your tickets.

Add the SRFC Tickets icon to your home screen following the provided instructions for your device.


Chrome (Android/Samsung/Google/OnePlus etc)

When you open the app for the first time, you will likely receive a prompt to add the app to your home screen.


If not, you can manually add it by following these steps:


    • Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
    • Tap the option to ‘Install App’.



Safari (iPhone)

1. Open Safari.

2. Enter in the web address field

3. Tap the Share button.


4. Choose the Add to Home Screen option.


5. Tap the Add button.

For general match ticket purchases, you can share your tickets to an email of your choosing.


The recipient will receive an email asking to ‘Accept Tickets’. Once accepted, the ticket will be transferred.

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For any queries please contact

Please email the same as above for your feedback, it is always appreciated.