What’s happening around the world is frightening and unprecedented, Part of the solution is to give up every day freedoms we take for granted but it is so important we adhere to the HSE guidelines and messages from the Government if things are to get back to normal again. Together we have the chance to save the lives of the people closest to us. It’s our god given responsibility to look after those we love.

A quick update on the squad – the players are currently working on personal fitness programs which we can monitor using our GPS system insuring their fitness levels will stay at a reasonably high level for when we are back training. The one positive we can take from this “break” is we will have a fully fit squad to pick from when we get back.We’ve made great progress as a football club over the past three years largely due to the fact we have stuck together through good times and bad.

Our squad is not 22 players. It is not 102. Our squad is every single person that bleeds green and white and we must stay so tight now more than ever.Once again I would like thank you for your continued support and as the manager of the football club, as your manager, I am asking each and every one of you that you are vital to me and my staff, you are vital to the players and you are vital to the success and future growth of the football club. Please stay home and stay safe.”

Yours Sincerely,

Stephen Bradley