Stephen Bradley gave this update in advance of our third last home game of the season at Tallaght Stadium on Friday against Sligo Rovers. Kick off is at 7.45pm and the game is live on RTÉ2 and at


Qst: Did you feel the team made something of a statement with that emphatic victory at the home of the defending champions on Sunday?

“It wasn’t about that for us, it was about going there and making sure we performed like we had been doing and getting three points”.


Qst: What pleased you the most about the performance on the night?

“All aspects although there’s still areas that we can improve. Looking back on it there were so many pleasing aspects to the performance – our work rate, our play with the ball and our tempo in and out of possession. Overall it was really good.”


Qst: Oduwa’s pace did cause some problems and he set up a chance for McMillan. Did they have a decent spell in that first half?

“He’s a good player and they have good players, and any team you play is going to have a spell. So that can come as no surprise.”


Qst: Jack Byrne’s strike gave Rovers the lead, did you feel this was a well worked goal and that our play deserved it at that point?

“I felt we’d been knocking on the door and we had a few chances leading up to it, half chances and a few shots in the box. So I think the goal was coming and it was a well worked move in the end.”


Qst: A further two goals before half-time from the corner and a penalty. Is Liam Scales claiming that one?

“I’m not sure if it’s on target to be honest but I’m sure Liam will claim it. But it was good that we know that the delivery will be there so it was about making sure that we hit our areas. We did that and got our rewards.”


Qst: How impressive was Jack’s finish from that angle for goal number four?

“It was a fantastic finish. The run before it was really impressive in terms of getting to the ball first of all and then only having two touches to put it into the net; one to take it around the goalkeeper and one to finish with his left foot. It was a really difficult finish and a really difficult skill but I thought it was outstanding.”


Qst: Are the international call-ups for Jack and Pico Lopes great news for the club?

“It’s fantastic. It’s always good to have international call ups around the group. Both players, Roberto and Jack have worked extremely hard to get called up so we’re delighted for both of them and it’s well deserved.”


Qst: Sligo have improved greatly since the break and moved up to fourth spot. What are their strengths as a team?

“They have some really good and dangerous attacking players. You look all over the pitch with the likes of Coughlan and Junior, they have pace and they’re dangerous in the attacking part of the pitch. They’ve been excellent since the restart. I watched the game against Derry the other night and they were very good so it’s going to be a difficult game.”


Qst: You said you didn’t want to risk Pico Lopes on the Dundalk pitch. Is he back this week and are there any other injuries or suspensions?

“Pico will be out this week, it hasn’t settled like we hoped it would. Other than that Danny Lafferty is back.”


Qst: The finishing line is getting closer now, is there a determination and confidence amongst the players and staff to keep doing what we’re doing?

“Every week we don’t change. It’s about respecting who we’re playing, respect their strengths and weaknesses and then going and imposing ourselves on the game and get three points. That’ll be the aim again against Sligo on Friday.”



Please note that we will continue with our #Access4All live audio-described commentary for the visually impaired at Friday’s game v Sligo.

Tune in here from 7.15pm for commentary from two of our club volunteers; this week it’s Barry & Garret.