Q: Stephen, yet another late goal won it at Richmond Park last Saturday. How much were the players and staff buzzing after that?

A: It’s always nice to score a late winner. I think we’ve done it on quite a number of occasions this year, and the emotion and the feeling and the celebration has always been the same, last week was no different. Last minute winners are special.

Q: Rovers responded well to going behind so early, with Graham Burke scoring another goal from long range. Did you feel that equaliser was coming?

A: Yeah, I felt the goal against us actually woke us up a bit and got us playing. From that moment on in the first half we controlled the game. We missed two chances before Graham scored, then thankfully Graham went and scored just before half time but it was definitely coming.

Q: What was the general feeling during the last 10 minutes of the match? Did it seem like it would end in a draw the way it was playing out?

A: No you don’t think like that when you’re on the side. You think about winning the game, right up until the referee blows the final whistle. That’s the way we think, that’s the way we play. You don’t look at the clock and think there’s 10 minutes left, there’s 5 minutes left, there’s 1 minute left. You play to the final whistle and when you have that mindset and that attitude you always have a chance of winning games.

Q: Just how good was that goal from Danny Mandroiu – his fourth of the season – and what has he been like to work with so far?

A: He’s been fantastic. His attitude has been first class. He’s come in with a really open mindset of wanting to work and wanting to learn and his performances have been very, very good. His goal last week was a fantastic goal. I said last week there’s not many players in the country that could have scored that goal, so late on in the game. Danny showed all of his qualities in that goal.

Q: It’s the fifth time this season the team has scored important late goals. As you’ve said it’s a great habit to have and it can’t all be luck if we keep doing it….

A: It shows how we play, how we wear opposition teams down, how fit the group are, it speaks volumes for the group, their character and their qualities.

Q: Ruaidhri Higgins has come in as Derry manager. What have you made of them before and after his appointment?

A: I said when Declan Devine was the manager I felt Derry were unlucky in certain games. They work extremely hard for each other. They’re an extremely honest group of players and I’ve seen that since Ruaidhri’s gone in as well. They’re a good group of players and like I said they’re extremely honest and work very, very hard for each other. I expect Derry to be competitive and pick up points and they’ll come to Tallaght tomorrow with no fear and looking to take us on.

Q: They have gained a couple of away wins at Sligo and Bohs recently so will fancy their chances of getting a result in Tallaght?

A: I’m sure they will. I’m sure they’ll relish coming to Tallaght and look forward to it, but every team does. We’ve got to respect that and be ready to match whatever they bring and then impose our game on them as quick as possible, that’s what we’ll try and do tomorrow.

Q: Joey O’Brien had to come off early in the second half of the Pat’s game. How is he looking?

A: We’ll have to check on him. Joey knows his own body and he came off as a precaution last week because he has been injured for a few weeks. He’s done okay this week but we’ll have to check on him this morning.

Q: Who is unavailable for Saturday?

A: Sean Kavanagh and Neil Farrugia. We’ll have to check on Aaron Greene to see how that’s coming along,

Saturday’s match at Tallaght Stadium kicks off behind closed doors at 6pm. It is available to stream on #WatchLOI