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Was it a huge kick in the teeth to concede the winner in Derry so late in injury time?

“Yes, we’ve scored so many late goals so we understand the feeling that you get from winning games so late and we were on the receiving end of it on Friday. It’s a hard one to take, considering the last sort of 20 minutes of the game, we were the team that were controlling the game. We were in full control of the game at that point and it’s just a very rare mistake that we make and get punished for, so we’re disappointed.”

Their goalkeeper made a couple of saves in the first half from our chances but what did you make of the team’s performance on the night overall?

“I thought the first half was really scrappy and the conditions obviously played a part in that. Our decision making could have been better in possession but the conditions definitely affected the game. In the second half we were a lot better, in the last 20 minutes we took control of the game and we were good for that period of time.”

Did you feel it was actually after conceding the penalty that we did step it up?

“Yes, I think it was from then that we completely settled. We played our game and started to impose ourselves on the game. You obviously want to do that from the start but it wasn’t to be on Friday night.”

How good a free kick was that from Dylan Watts?

“We knew once it was given that with Jack and Dylan on the pitch, we had a high chance of scoring and it’s a brilliant free kick.”

Is it ideal having a game so soon after a painful defeat like that and what sort of opposition are Drogheda coming to Tallaght?

“Yes, you always want a game to come around as quickly as possible and thankfully we have that tomorrow night. We watched their game against Shels and it was a very even game. They worked extremely hard and made chances so I’m sure they’ll feel that they could have got a draw out of that game. They work hard and have some very dangerous players in the attacking part of the pitch.”

Friday saw a big travelling crowd to Derry and the fans will no doubt show their support again on Monday to try and help the team bounce back quickly?

“As always, our fans travelled in great numbers and we could hear them all throughout the night. It was fantastic to have them there and hopefully it’ll be a big crowd on Monday again to get back to winning ways.”

There’s a few of these Monday, double headers coming up. Are they the sort of occasions where the squad is important to keep things fresh?

“Yes, exactly. We used it really well last year and it’ll be the same this year. We’ll need everyone to play their part this season.”

Are there any new injuries and what’s the update on Neil Farrugia?

“There are no new injuries, just one or two knocks from the game as you’d expect. We got good news on Neil – it’s not too bad at all. He’ll probably be another couple of weeks.”