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The team scored a lot of late goals last season and did it Friday night at Tolka Park. It’s always a great feeling to win it that way?

“Yes, it is. We made a really good habit of it the last few years and thankfully we were able to do it again on Friday night.”

It was an excellent finish by Andy Lyons to continue his scoring run and the perfect start so early in the game?

“It was a brilliant start and Andy has been a real threat for us from left or right, whatever side he’s playing on and thankfully he came up on Friday with another goal.”

Was it a bit frustrating that we didn’t kill Shelbourne off in a dominant first half, with numerous opportunities because they always had hope at 1-0, as shown by their counter-attacking equaliser?

“It was frustrating because we played really well in the first half and should have made more of our opportunities. When it’s only one goal they always have a chance. When they got their chance, to be fair to them they took it. It was frustrating because we should have been two or three up at that point.”

It was a big goal for Aaron Greene for the winner and a rocket of a shot as well, especially impressive the way he teed himself up?

“It was, because it looked like the opportunity had passed when Aaron takes a touch back inside. It was really calm from him. The touch inside and he lets the defender go and opened up the room to shoot. So, it was really good composure from Aaron.”

How important was the impact of the subs in the game, not just Aaron’s goal but Danny’s assist, and what did they give us that was maybe missing in our second half performance?

“I thought that once they scored they had a 15 minute spell where the game was pretty even – it was up in the air. There wasn’t much quality to it, but it was a competitive game and I just felt that we needed more energy and I felt the subs gave us that. It was a really important time that they came on and they changed the game for us.”

That made it two away wins on the bounce and after the first round of games played, are you satisfied with our points total?

“We’re happy. We definitely feel that we’ve left some points behind. When you look at where we dropped points we can definitely improve in that aspect in the next round of games. But we’re happy because we’ve seen every week that we’ve got stronger and stronger, and we know with this group that they get stronger as the season goes. That’s always a positive.”

Pico Lopes missed out last week because of Covid, on top of his hand injury. How is he?

“He’s fine. He had no symptoms at all. If it was up to Pico, he would have played but obviously the regulations are that it’s seven days. He’s back training now and there are no issues at all.”

Any injuries and suspensions?

“Graham Burke will be one who misses out. He came off at Tolka Park, he felt his calf tightening up on him but thankfully he got out early enough that it’s not too bad, but this Friday and Monday will be too early for him. It looks like it’ll be a week to 10 days for Graham.”

Our meeting with St Pat’s at Richmond Park ended in defeat. What did we learn about them that night in regards to how they’ll approach Tallaght?

“I think they’ll approach it fairly similarly to what we expected in Richmond. We’ve got to be ready for that. We saw on the night at Richmond that attacking wise they have some good players, and they can cause you problems. So, I expect more of the same.”

The late goal at Tolka was a great moment for the fans to celebrate and will it be good to have them all behind us Friday, our first home game in a month?

“Hopefully we can get a big crowd out because it’s two really important games for us [with Dundalk on Easter Monday] and they’re two games we want to come away from with six points. The home crowd will be very important in that. We haven’t been at home in a month so it’s great to be back in Tallaght. “