Shamrock Rovers FC is delighted to partner with Focus Ireland this Christmas to help the 12 Days of Christmas Voucher Appeal.

We are calling on our wonderful fanbase to purchase vouchers that will be distributed by Focus Ireland to those they have identified as being in need of some support.

People can purchase an online gift voucher from any of the retailers via the club website (Smyths Toys, Dunnes Stores, Penneys), then we ask that the voucher emails received from the retailer are forwarded to The club will then collate them and pass them on to Focus Ireland at the end of the appeal. Finally, Focus Ireland will then distribute them to those in need. 

The collection runs from Monday 27th November to Saturday 9th December.

“we are delighted to partner with Focus Ireland for the 12 Days of Christmas voucher appeal. Based in Tallaght village, Focus Ireland do extraordinary work in the community driving meaningful change and taking on the challenge of homelessness. Christmas is a time for family, particularly children, and sadly the number of families in emergency accommodation means that Christmas is a time of great difficulty and suffering for them. Shamrock Rovers are passionate about supporting this cause and are proud to partner with Focus Ireland to try help those who have lost everything. We urge those who can help with this appeal to make it a better Christmas for those less fortunate. Please support this initiative as every voucher received will make a real difference.”

John Martin, CEO Shamrock Rovers

“we are grateful that Shamrock Rovers has chosen to support our service and are delighted to be working in partnership with them this year on their ’12 Days of Christmas’ Voucher Appeal. Your support will directly help the people that we work with, many of whom have lost everything, and will bring them a little hope and joy this Christmas.”

Tara Heffernan, Team Leader at Focus Ireland, Tallaght

Pictured at the announcement in Tallaght Stadium is Tara Heffernan, Team Leader at Focus Ireland, Tallaght along with Hoops men’s first team players Graham Burke and Gary O’Neill and women’s first team players Jaime Thompson and Jess Hennessy.

About Focus Ireland:

Focus Ireland’s mission statement is “Challenging Homelessness. Changing Lives”. We are driven by the fundamental belief that homelessness is wrong ~ it is a failure of society, it can be prevented, it can be solved, but is being allowed to continue and in doing so, it undermines society.

As an organisation, we believe in working to end homelessness, both through our direct work with clients and by lobbying our government and local authorities to make real changes towards this goal.

Focus Ireland’s South Dublin Advice & Information Service, based here on Main Street in Tallaght Village (formerly the Tallaght Homeless Advice Unit), has been on the frontline since 2004 and has witnessed first-hand just how much the Housing and Homelessness crisis has deepened over the last few years.

The latest figures for October show that there are 13,179 people in emergency accommodation, including 3911 children. This figure does not take in to account the “hidden homeless”, forced to stay between family and friends, or the countless others who are at risk of losing their home. Our service supports this ever-increasing number of singles, couples and families, through providing information, advice and advocacy, supporting them to manoeuvre through this most difficult part of their lives, by preventing them from losing their homes or, where this has been unavoidable, by helping them to move out of homelessness as quickly as possible and into their new home.