As all supporters will be aware from stadium regulations and previous club announcements, the use of pyrotechnics (flares, fireworks, smoke bombs) is prohibited at Tallaght Stadium.

The club is adopting a zero-tolerance approach with anyone found with, or using, pyro receiving indefinite bans from Tallaght Stadium and barred from accessing away match tickets. 

The club was contacted after the recent Dundalk game, where a young male supporter in the South Stand had to move quickly to avoid injury after flares were lit by surrounding fans. He had to leave the area and had his Rovers top destroyed by sparks that burned right through. It is sheer luck that the boy didn’t require medical treatment if the sparks had penetrated through to his skin. 

The club also had reports of two burn injuries from flares at the President’s Cup game. It is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

From this weekend’s Drogheda game onwards, our security team will actively seek to identify any fans using pyro. If, and when, identified, they will be ejected on the night, and/or identified afterwards using CCTV, and issued an immediate indefinite ban from all SRFC home and away games. 

As well as being dangerous, the club is at risk of significant monetary fines, away allocation reductions and possible stand closures.

This is the final warning on this issue before the club acts.

We seek the support of all fan groups in making Tallaght Stadium a safe space for all spectators to enjoy football.