Looking back at the Wexford game in Tallaght, another 1-1 draw, did you feel the team had enough chances to deserve the win on the night?

Yes, and the stats show that too, that we had the majority of the possession and the chances. We spent most of this week working on our finishing and particularly our play in the final third, so we’ve highlighted certain areas that need a little bit of improvement.

Your former ‘keeper Jeyne Merren made a couple of very good saves, especially the one from Áine that she touched onto the post, did everyone think Joy’s shot at the end was in as well?

That summed up the kind of luck we’ve had in the first two games. Joy’s shot, I’ve watched it back a couple of times and I still don’t understand how it actually stayed out, but by complete fluke, it hit the back of a player and went just by the side of the post. Jayne is a top-class goalkeeper and it was a really good save from her. Áine hit it really well and I thought it was going in but credit to Jayne, she pulled off a top-class save.

Both goals came from corners, so were you happy to be a threat from set pieces and get the goal from Scarlett, but disappointed with our defending at the other end?

Yes, with the height that we have in the side, we should be more of a threat from set pieces than we are so far this season. There have been corners where we have got clear of our markers, we’ve had a clear header on the ball and we’ve missed the target. So, it’s a little area we need to improve on if we’re going to get anything out of these games and turn these draws into victories. On the defending side of it, it wouldn’t matter if we were 10-0 up, if we conceded one goal from a corner, I’d be upset. It’s one of those that really does irritate you when you concede from a set play.

You’ve changed the team’s formation this season. Do you feel the switch to 3-5-2 will be better suited to the players at your disposal?

We’re trying to play to our strengths so we have tweaked it a little bit and we changed it again in the second half last Saturday. We might look to change it again this Saturday to try and have more of an attacking threat because we really do need to start turning these draws into wins.

Rovers now face Treaty United in two successive weeks. Dominic Foley has taken the reigns and they already have as many wins as last season with that home victory over DLR Waves. What do you expect from them in Limerick on Saturday?

I don’t think you can compare them to the side last year because it’s a completely different side. They’re a lot more aggressive and hard-working side. They’ll be in our faces and won’t make things easy for us, which we’re fully set up for and fully expecting. On the other side of it, they do have some good attacking threats with the new players that they’ve brought in this year. Fiana Bradley went off injured in their game last week but they’ve Delana Friesen, Caleigh Boeckx on the left and Katie Lawlee up top, so they have good attacking threats that we need to be weary of, and match the work rate and effort that they’re going to bring to the game.

You used last year’s All-Island Cup for experimentation and gained an impressive win against Glentoran in Belfast but we didn’t advance from the group. Is there an ambition to go much further this time?

That’s going to be our ambition for everything we’re in this year. It’s a smaller squad and it will give us a chance to have a look at one or two other players but the attitude doesn’t change. Just because we’re introducing one or two extra players doesn’t mean that we don’t want to win the game. Everything that we enter this year, we’ll be looking to win it.

Is Amanda Budden close to a return and apart from Sav McCarthy, is anyone else unavailable?

Amanda has had a full week’s training so we’ll see where she is after training tonight. Fiona Owens, who we got in on the last day of the transfer window, has been on a recovery programme because she joined injured. She’s getting closer to a return.