Shamrock Rovers Football Club Secures State-of-the-Art LED Perimeter Signage System through Pioneering Partnership with Sharp Group

Shamrock Rovers Football Club is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Sharp Group, a leading fire and security solutions provider. This revolutionary collaboration has facilitated the acquisition of a cutting-edge LED perimeter signage system that will transform the matchday experience at Tallaght Stadium. We believe this is the largest-ever commercial sponsorship deal delivered by a League of Ireland club.

The state-of-the-art LED perimeter signage system, uniquely funded by our great partners Sharp Group, promises to revolutionize the visual landscape of Tallaght Stadium. The high-resolution displays will deliver dynamic content, enhancing fan engagement and providing innovative branding opportunities for sponsors.

In addition to the technological advancements, the partnership with Sharp Group mandates a commitment from Shamrock Rovers to allocate a significant portion of the revenue generated by the LED perimeter signage system to the Shamrock Rovers Academy to fund professional contracts. This strategic move aims to bolster the club’s ongoing efforts to support youth development and education within the football community. The financial contribution from Sharp Group will directly contribute to the ongoing success of the Shamrock Rovers Men & Women’s Teams, Academy, and our Education Program.

Shamrock Rovers Chief Executive, John Martin, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating,  “This partnership with Sharp Group is a significant achievement for our club, and we are truly grateful for their support. It is essential for us as a football club to focus on financial sustainability and providing a strong player pathway to both our Men and Women’s teams, which is why the support from Sharp Group is invaluable. We are committed to finding innovative ways to continue investing in our senior teams, youth academy and education department, and this partnership will help us continue to do so. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of Ivan Nolan and Jason Shields of Sharp Group, and our Commercial Manager Rian Wogan who was critical in bringing this partnership to fruition. We look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will have on our club and the development of our players. The facilitation of the partnership is also another indication of the club’s strong relationship with South Dublin County Council and the Tallaght Stadium Management Team in particular Nicola Coffey and we thank them for their ongoing support.  

Sharp Group Managing Director, Ivan Nolan, commented on the partnership, saying, “For over 8 years, Sharp Group has long been a loyal community partner of Shamrock Rovers, proudly investing in the club – from voluntary education programmes for young talent to financial support that supports the club’s vision for the future.”

“As official club sponsors for the past two seasons, this exciting opportunity to boost new revenue for future investment in young talent, through innovative pitch advertising, was an obvious next step for us – helping to sustain Rovers’ position as the number one club in the League of Ireland. We’re delighted with the result and very excited about the potential this project brings to enhance growth in the football club, the Academy, and the education programme. This deal has a direct influence on every aspect of the football club, from the men’s and women’s first teams, to the men’s and women’s League of Ireland Academy sides, to the underage Academy teams, and into the education program. We are really looking forward to seeing the results and delighted to play our part in this innovative project.”

Ivan Nolan, Sharp Group Managing Director

The LED perimeter signage system, made possible by the innovative partnership with Sharp Group, has already made its debut at Tallaght Stadium and we look forward to its continued presence. Shamrock Rovers and Sharp Group invite fans, sponsors, and the community to witness the exciting transformation and the positive impact on both the club and the academy.

If you are interested in hearing how your business can be displayed on our LED perimeter signage system, please email